Our Story

The Sesen is the brain-child of Mohamed Sharafeldin and Ghada Moaz who love to travel the world and explore new cultures. Both of them have a deep interest in interior design, architecture, nature, beauty, gardening, crafts, painting, stitching, and natural cosmetics and their desire to discover and acquire more and more beautiful and exotic handicrafts made them start The Sesen.

The Sesen is an ancient Egyptian word for the beautiful lotus flower and was used to represent the sun, creation and rebirth. Since this sacred flower represented all these attributes, we have incorporated it into our brand name and logo because we believe our company can become a part of community that is helping to recreate, rejuvenate, and glorify the cultural handmade industry.

Birth of Sesen

While Mohamed Sharafeldin and Ghada Moaz were off on one of their adventures, the idea for The Sesen came to them in a flash of brilliance. Whenever they discovered a new culture, they would fell in love with the handmade products and goodies from the clever craftsmen and artisans. They would pick up handmade and artisan crafts from all over the world to add them to their ever-growing collection.

However, the problem was that these gorgeous items were not widely accessible. As a result, it was very difficult to find high-quality handmade products for themselves and their friends online. That’s when they decided to open their own hub of exotic handmade items so that the artisan and craftsmen could have a fair chance of getting their products displayed internationally, and they could reach people interested in handmade crafts all over the world.

At The Sesen, our mission is to support global handicrafts and artisans to reach and be recognised internationally, so that their skill, art, culture, and heritage are preserved while we foster their progress.

The Art of the Craft

At The Sesen, we offer you a specially selected collection of authentic jewellery, silver accessories, ceramics, bags, scarves, rugs, and home textile that echo the rich culture from where they originated. All items are beautiful handcrafted and given attention to detail by the most talented designers and artisan in the world.

They are the perfect art pieces to create a wonderfully unique collection from or give to a loved one as thoughtful gifts.

With the team at The Sesen, we strove to revolutionise the import process for artisans so that they have opportunity and easier access to display their culturally-rich products to the world.


At The Sesen, we believe that every home should have a story, a soul, a meaning, and a purpose. That’s why we travel the world and discover inspiring designs to develop our collection of beautiful handmade crafts. Through our world-hopping, we partner with master craftsmen and blend our modern designs with their traditional techniques and creating sustainable economical relationships.

At The Sesen, you can buy handmade and authentic crafts that tell a personal story of their culture and celebrate the people behind the products. The Sesen is our way of sharing these rich materials and passing down their stories to you.

Our brand on the philosophy of preserving and reviving the rich and beautiful tradition of arts and crafts which have survived for thousands of years but which are unfortunately dying out due to lack of acknowledgement, exposure, and investments.

It is our aim to provide these artisans with sustainable business revenue so that they can develop their skills, pass down more unique designs, and get market access to promote this cultural heritage. The Sesen is on a mission to empower communities by supporting women and people with disabilities and giving them opportunities to generate a living wage.

At The Sesen, we link together various cultures, promote ethical businesses, and foster admiration and respect for a good cause.

Celebrating Culture

Many of the unique products that you see at The Sesen are made with skills that have been passed down from generation to generation in small local communities. These skills are rare, precious, and prized all over the world. They are part of an ancient heritage and we work with the locals to preserve these legacies while igniting innovation and encouraging the creation of distinctive designs that speak about the culture and craft.

Preserving the Ancient Roots of Handcrafted Items

The Sesen is more than a store of original and inspiring handmade objects. We strive to raise awareness for the skilled but underprivileged workers all over the world so that we can break the vicious cycle of poverty and move social change. At The Sesen, you can shop for ethically-sourced handcrafted items and share in the joy and privilege of empowering artisan and craftsmen all over the world.

Fair Trade Matters

At The Sesen, we do business conscientiously, putting the people and the planet first before paltry profit. That means you can trust that every handmade product you buy from The Sesen is ethically sourced, evocative, and transformative and will result in a fair wage and safe working conditions that will directly and positively impact the artisan’s life and their community.

Empowering Communities

At The Sesen, we choose to work with women, people with disabilities, or other disadvantaged communities whose skills remain  globally unacknowledged and underrepresented. With The Sesen, we can help empower the most vulnerable people of the societies, nurture their dignity and pride, and help them gain financial independence, by breaking borders, building bridges and fostering artistic collaborations.